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8000 Egg Hatchery - Produce 2160 chicks per week - SH8000 Chick Hatchery

8000 Egg Hatchery - Produce 2160 chicks per week - SH8000 Chick Hatchery

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"Surehatch Incubators and hatchers offer an easy solution for entrepreneurs wanting to invest in their own hatchery with the vision to make money from hatching chicks" - Hatchery Owners Club 

The SH8000 Hatchery consists of:
3 x SH2160 Setter Incubators (Capacity 6480 chicken eggs)
1 x SH2000H Hatcher (Capacity 2000 chicken eggs)

Load and hatch 2160 eggs per week or 2000 eggs per batch
(More info on weekly loading and hatching)

Return on Investment Calculation:

Hatching and Selling Broiler Chicks*

Ave. Cost to Produce Chick:   R4.00
Ave. Selling Price Per Chick:  R10.00
Ave. Profit Per Chick:              R6.00
Ave. Monthly Production of SH8000: 6480 Chicks @ R6.00 Profit Per Chick 

Potential PROFIT Per Month  = R 38,800.00 
Make your initial investment back within 3 months!*

*Based on estimates and averages - Only use as a guideline. E. &O.E.

What makes Surehatch Incubators the best in the hatchery business? 

  • 100% Manufactured in South Africa - Made to International Standards - All Surehatch Incubators are fully factory tested and certified. Spares available at all times

  • Fully Automated Digital Incubation Controls - Our incubators have the most advanced temperature controls and automatic egg turning ensuring the best possible hatch rates

  • No Installation Needed - Simply plug in and start immediately

  • Multiple Units = Less risk - Instead of having one large incubator that takes thousands of eggs at a time, we have pioneered the concept of the "Modular Hatchery". Each incubator and hatcher functions independently from the other, which means that if something had to go wrong in one unit, the rest remains unaffected preventing major losses

  • Compact and Innovative Designs - You only need a very small space to place the incubators. Our years of experience in designing hatchery equipment ensures you get the best possible chances of success

  • Industry Leading Track Record - Surehatch has thousands of satisfied customers around the world

Full Product Description:

  • Fully Digital Temperature Controls
  • Automatic humidity control with Digital Humidity Display
  • Automatic Egg Turner by Siemens
  • Chicken Egg trays included
  • Access eggs from the front of the incubator, making it easier to load the incubator
  • Built-in Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Extra Large Clear-View Observation Window
  • Incubator made of Ultra Durable, Water Resistant Duraboard
  • Opti-Flow™  Specialized High Volume Incubator Fan
  • Maxi-Heat™ Energy Saving Incubator Heating System
  • Internal Light for observing the insides of the incubator
  • Anti-Bacterial Inner Coating for better hatch rates
  • Full Incubation Instructions Included
  • 3 Year International Guarantee on all parts
  • Dimensions:
    Each Setter:
    156 cm x 100 cm x 170 cm, 250KG
    Hatcher: 156 cm x 100 cm x 170 cm, 250KG
  • Total Power Usage: 220V Single Phase, Peak: 4000 Watts, Normal Operation: 1500 Watts

Additional Information:

This is an ideal hatchery set-up for a breeder who wants to run a profitable business producing chicks. It is designed so that you can expand the hatchery in future by simply adding more setters and hatchers. You can therefore start your hatchery with less capital and expand as required in future.

We have designed our incubator setters and hatchers to work as efficiently as possible under all conditions. Surehatch has of the most compact and energy efficient hatchery equipment on the market, making them more cost effective to run than other hatcheries. 

All our incubator setters and hatchers are fully factory set and tested. No installation is required which means that you can start producing as soon as you receive the equipment.

Both our setters and hatchers are very efficient and well designed. We've managed to optimize the setting and hatching space so that you get the maximum value for money when investing in this hatchery set-up.

Surehatch Hatchery Equipment is easy to use, fully-automatic and requires no special skills to operate. Temperature is automatically regulated by the digital heat controller. The incubator is mounted on wheels, which means you can move it around with ease.

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