How to choose the right egg incubator

How to choose the right egg incubator for your needs: 
Let's face it, buying an egg incubator is not something you do everyday! Most of our clients are first time buyers and many questions are usually asked regarding what they should look out for and what size incubator they should buy. Below is some important information you need to take into account when making your decision. If you are still unsure about which incubator is right for you, please Contact our helpful team who will gladly assist you!

How many eggs do you want to hatch at a time or per month?
It's important to decide how many eggs you would want to hatch at a time or per month. This will determine what size incubator will be suitable for your needs. It's also important to take into account that you will more than likely need more incubation space as you grow your flock - so don't buy too small at the beginning. 

Did you know you can hatch eggs continuously in our incubators? This means that you can load eggs on a variety of loading schedules, enabling you to continuously hatch chicks. You therefore need not fill the entire incubator with eggs in order for it to work! You can also significantly increase your production of chicks when you load eggs continuously in the incubator.

Some customers prefer to do batch incubation - this means that they load one batch of eggs and wait until they have hatched before thy load another batch. Whichever way you choose to hatch your eggs our incubators will be capable to do so!

What is your budget?
You need to choose an incubator that fits your budget - it is however important to not just look at price. Remember that when buying a Surehatch Incubator you are buying an asset. You must look at it as in investment into getting good hatch rates. There are cheaper incubators on the market which might seem like a good option in the short run. The problem is that cheap incubators will give you cheap results, costing you lost hatches which in the long run will cost you a lot of money.

Surehatch Incubators will be your best value for money option when taking into account the expected hatch rates that you will receive. When you buy quality once, you save yourself the trouble of having to replace faulty and non-functioning equipment.

Feel free to Contact Us for any further advice - our team of experts will be happy to assist you to make the right decision!