Unique Technology used in Surehatch Incubators

It's our mission at Surehatch to make the best possible egg incubators which will yield the best possible hatch rates.

We continually strive to improve our incubators so that they remain the best and most reliable in the industry.

All Surehatch Egg Incubators feature:
  • Highly accurate, digital temperature controls
  • Easy to regulate humidity controls
  • Durable, quality construction and components
  • Highly reliable Automatic Egg Turners

Highly accurate digital temperature control

In order for eggs to develop and hatch, a constant and accurate temperature of 37,5 Degrees Celsius (100 Degrees Fahrenheit) needs to be maintained throughout the 21 day incubation period. Slight differences in temperature can have a devastating effect on the eggs. It is therefore highly important that the incubator maintains the correct incubation temperature at all times. Surehatch incubators feature highly accurate DIGITAL temperature controls which automatically regulate and control incubation temperature. This results in Surehatch having one of the most accurate and advanced temperature controls in the incubator industry, leading to better and more predictable hatch rates.

Easy to regulate humidity
Maintaining the correct humidity levels during incubation is critical to ensure good hatch rates. During incubation eggs need to lose moisture in order to enable the chick to develop inside the egg. If the egg loses too much moisture the chick will dry out and fail to hatch. Conversely, if the egg loses too little moisture the chick will drown inside the egg before it even hatches. It is therefore highly important that an incubator regulates humidity on a constant basis throughout the incubation period. Surehatch Incubators feature a highly effective humidity control system which can be used to adjust humidity levels as desired. All our incubators have fully digital humidity displays.

Durable construction
Your incubator should be an investment, not an expense. In order to ensure this, we only use high quality, durable materials to manufacture our egg incubators. We use industry specific components which ensure optimal functioning and performance. All our components have been tested for long term durability and performance, resulting in better hatch rates and incubation performance. When investing in a Surehatch Incubator, you can be assured that only the best materials have been used to ensure long term usage for its user.

Siemens Automatic Egg Turners
Correct turning of the eggs forms a critical part in ensuring incubation success. Eggs need to be turned very gently every hour in order to ensure uniform development of the embryo. We use patented Siemens egg turners which have specifically been designed to work with Surehatch Incubators. Eggs are turned automatically by the incubator every 60 minutes, ensuring optimal embryonic development.

What makes Surehatch Incubators the best on the market?
- Our incubators are designed to give you the best possible hatch rates
- Surehatch and its staff have industry specific knowledge
- We have over 30 years of experience in the incubation industry
- We have sold 1000’s of egg incubators to satisfied breeders around the world

At Surehatch we follow a couple of cardinal principles which has enabled us to become the leader in the incubation industry. These are – quality, affordability and innovative design. We pride ourselves on the fact that we produce the best quality egg incubators available on the market. All our products are built last and produce the best possible results.

Only the best materials are used to make our world class equipment. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and excellent hatch rates that our incubator offer. Our mission is to enable each and every breeder to get the opportunity to own one of the best incubators in the world – a Surehatch.

Innovative design - this is where we stand shoulders above our competitors. The difference between Surehatch and other incubator manufacturers is the fact that we design incubators with the end user in mind. Instead of designing and manufacturing incubators to suit our requirements, we built them so that they give you the best possible service. Over the years we have managed to assess the needs of our customers and design egg incubators that suit their needs perfectly. We always welcome feedback form our customers and are constantly improving our products in order to give you the best possible experience. We always keep in mind that simplicity is key. With the advent of digital electronics there is the temptation to add bells and whistles which often confuse the end-user. Surehatch’s egg incubators are designed to be simple to operate and simple to service. 

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to express your views about our products and to offer ideas which you would like us to consider. This will help keep our products in line with your requirements.

Buy the best – Buy a Surehatch!