Benefits to Starting a Chick Hatchery

Benefits to Starting a Chick Hatchery

What are the Benefits of Starting a Surehatch Chick Hatchery?

Start your own poultry businessIf you are looking for a business opportunity that will make you money but not require a lot of capital, starting a chick hatchery may be just what you are looking for. The high demand for day old chicks and chicken meat makes this a secure investment as there will always be a need for food!

Low Capital Investment Required

Perhaps one of the hardest things about getting a business started is the capital it requires. If you are just starting out and are having trouble finding financing for your business, it can seem impossible to get things started. Poultry farming eliminates that problem, though. In general, farmers need about 20 to 100 chickens to get started on their poultry farm plus a small amount of other capital. This is just a fraction of what entrepreneurs need to start any other type of business. In addition, poultry is not expensive to raise, which helps you keep your costs down and your profits up.

Marketing Day Old Chicks is Easy

When you hatch chicks, you really don’t have a lot of marketing to do as it often sells itself. The market is already there – you are just filling the demand for it. Of course, there will be some marketing required, but nothing near what would be required for any unique type of farming. In addition, the demand for chicks is growing every day as our population grows and people need to eat!

A Quick Return on Your Investment

When starting a chick hatchery you will see a quick return on your investment. When hatching eggs you can start generating an income within the first month of starting. This means you’ll see a quick turnaround on your profits and get a big return on investment over time. You can also generate a weekly income by using the Surehatch Weely Hatching Method which enables you to load and hatch chicks every week!

You Don’t Need a Lot of Space

Another reason farming can be expensive is the space that is required to raise livestock or plant crops. Chickens, however, don’t need a lot of room. If you are starting out really small, you can raise a few chickens in your backyard – you don’t even need an actual farm yet. If you do want to start on an actual farm, the space you’ll need is likely much smaller than you’d need for any other method of farming.

Getting Financing is Fairly Easy

Surehatch has partnered with two lenders - Lulalend and Mobricred to offer loans to customers wanting to start their own poultry hatcheries. If you apply and qualify they will finance your purchase of the Surehatch hatchery equipment.

Now that you can see the benefits of starting your own hatchery, feel free to Contact Us and speak to one of our expert hatchery consultants!

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