Apply for a loan to buy Surehatch Egg Incubators

Growing a business without funding can be very difficult. This is why Surehatch has partnered with South Africa's No.1 Small Business Loan provider - Lulalend.

Lulalend has approved Surehatch as an official affiliate of theirs. Lulalend can potentially provide you with a loan and then you can use the funds to buy our equipment.

Lulalend’s application process is done entirely online through their secure scoring technology.

They provide small businesses with funding between R20 000 and R250 000. Once your application is approved you should be able to access these funds within 24 hours.

To qualify for a loan with Lulalend you simply need to meet the following requirements

  • Your business needs to make a monthly turnover of R40,000
  • Your business needs to have been operating for 12 months
  • Your business needs to be based in South Africa

Getting approved for a business loan is easy, just follow this link to apply for funding: