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1700 Egg Incubator and Hatcher - Fully Automatic Digital Model SH1700

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1700 Egg Incubator and Hatcher - Fully Automatic Digital Model SH1700

R 28,500.00 Excl. VAT

"One of the most efficient and reliable commercial egg incubators available on the market today. Best investment for poultry entrepreneurs" - Hatchery Owners Club. 

The Surehatch SH1700 Egg Incubator and hatcher Combo is an excellent investment for entrepreneurs wanting to produce day old chicks as a business. You can make an additional income from producing day old chicks on a weekly basis.

There is a very large and profitable market for day old chicks and with the Surehatch SH1700 you can now become a player in this highly profitable market. 

Incubation Capacity: 1080 Eggs
Hatching Capacity: 620 Eggs
Total Capacity: 1700 Eggs

Load and hatch 360 eggs per week
(More info on weekly loading and hatching)

Produce 1440 Chicks per month by hatching 360 chicks per week.

Return on Investment Calculation:

Hatching and Selling Broiler Chicks*
Ave. Cost to Produce Chick:   R4.00
Ave. Selling Price Per Chick:  R10.00
Ave. Profit Per Chick:              R6.00
Ave. Monthly Production of SH1700: 1440 Chicks @ R6.00 Profit Per Chick

Potential PROFIT Per Month  = R 8640.00 
Make your initial investment back within 4 months!*

*Based on estimates and averages - Only use as a guideline. E. &O.E.

The SH1700 Egg Incubator and hatcher has the following features:

  •  Fully Digital Temperature Control
  • Load and Hatch up to 360 chicks per week
  • Separate Incubation & Hatching compartments
  • Largest Combination Incubator and Hatcher in our range
  • Plastic Chicken Egg Trays & Hatching Crates Included
  • Semi-Auto Humidity System Included
  • Siemens Egg Turning System
  • Mounted on wheels
  • Dual Power Option 12V/220V available at additional cost

The SH1700 Egg Incubator is very popular in Africa - people across Africa are moving towards consuming more chicken meat. There are not enough producers to supply the ever growing demand for chickens - hence the reason why so many entrepreneurs are using this incubator to start their poultry businesses.

The chick production of the SH1700 will enable you to produce up to 1440 chicks per month when loading and hatching 360 eggs per week.

This incubator will provide you with a steady income and help you boost your businesses profits. You will earn an exceptionally good return on investment and secure an automated income source for years to come.

You need very little space to use this incubator. As little as 2 square meters are required to house this incubator.

Product Description:

The Surehatch SH1700 Egg Incubator has the following features:

  • Fully Digital Temperature Control
  • Easy to regulate Humidity Control
  • Siemens Automatic Egg Turner
  • Chicken Egg trays included
  • Access eggs from the front of the incubator, making it easier to load the incubator
  • Built-in Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Extra Large Clear-View Observation Window is standard
  • Incubator made of Ultra Durable, Moisture Resistant Duraboard
  • Opti-Flow™  Specialized High Volume Incubator Fan
  • Maxi-Heat™ Energy Saving Incubator Heating System
  • Internal Light for observing the insides of the incubator
  • Anti-Bacterial Inner Coating for better hatch rates
  • Full Incubation Instructions Included
  • 3 Year Guarantee on all parts
  • Made in South Africa
  • Dimensions: 144 cm x 99 cm x 170 cm
  • Weight: 250 Kg
  • Power Usage: 1000 Watts

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