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120 bird battery laying cage

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Elite 120 Bird Egg Laying Cage

R 9,995.00 Excl. VAT R 12,000.00
Start your own business by selling eating eggs produced by your own chickens! The Elite 120 bird egg laying cage can generate a good daily income with minimal effort!


Houses 90 to 120 commercial layers (Depending on bird size - 3 to 4 Birds per compartment)

  • Collect eggs daily and sell them to fresh to customers!
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs wanting to make money
  • Strong Galvanised Metal Construction
  • Water Tank, Piping and Feed Trough Included
  • Simply install, place birds and start collecting eggs!
  • Water Supplied by overhead water tank
  • Easy to expand business by adding more add on layer cages
  • Size: 1,95m Long x 2,4m wide x 2,1m high

What you need to start this business:

  • Suitable covered area with good ventilation to place the layer cage
  • 90 to 120 commercial layer chickens like Lohmann Brown or Hy-Line (3 to 4 birds per compartment)
  • Fresh supply of water to refill water tanks
  • No electricity required

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