Make huge profits by starting your own hatchery

Make huge profits by starting your own hatchery

Have you always wanted to generate a sustainable income but never knew how to do it? Have you been looking for business opportunities but didn’t find any which gave a good enough return on your investment? New and exciting opportunities in the poultry industry are opening up and it’s up to you to make use of them!

The demand for poultry meat in Africa is growing at an enormous pace. People are consuming more chickens than ever before and the current production and supply of chickens are not able to meet the growing demand.

The lack of in-country infrastructure makes the importation of chicken meat a difficult and risky business. Countries are therefore dependant on local production of poultry to meet demand. This shortage represents a major opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to supply this shortfall.

Surehatch has developed hatchery equipment that enable entrepreneurs to start their own hatcheries and be operational within 1 day of receiving the equipment. Our incubators and hatchers are turn key and require no installation. We have supplied our equipment to over 5000 hatcheries across Africa – ranging from production sizes as little as 200 chicks per month to as many as 100 000 per month.

Starting a small to medium scale Surehatch hatchery has a relatively low start-up cost. In addition to the low start-up cost is the fact that you generate your first cash flow from selling hatchings within 3 weeks of starting. Our proven return on investment model has shown that you can get up to a 200% ROI per year – truly an amazing investment!  

In order to make use of this opportunity you will require some inputs. Firstly, you need to have a source of fertile hatching eggs to incubate in the incubators. Secondly you will have to find customers to sell day old chicks to or alternatively you can rear the chicks and sell them as grown birds at a later stage.

Owning a profitable chicken business is not limited to big companies anymore; with Surehatch Incubators it has become possible for small scale producers to competitively produce day old chicks and fully grown chickens.

There has never been a better time to start than now. If you want to earn an income and become a successful poultry farmer then this is your chance. By starting today you can create a constant income stream and build a business which can better your life and those around you.

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