Lay Buy Your Egg Incubator

At Surehatch we understand that you might not have all the funds available to buy your top quality incubator. We are the first and only supplier of egg hatchery equipment to offer lay-buys to our customers.

To buy from us on lay-by is very easy...simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Let us know which incubator you would like to purchase on lay-buy by sending an email to

Step 2: Pay a 10% Deposit (EFT, Bank Deposit or Credit Card Payment)

Step 3: Make monthly installments to us for up to 6 months

Step 4: Once you have paid in full the goods are yours!

Benefits of buying on lay-buy:
- You can secure the current price of the item and avoid future price increases
- It's a simply way to save towards your purchase
- It's easier on your finances because every month you pay a small amount