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Surehatch Model SH80 Combo Egg Incubator

Egg Turning
Setting Capacity
80 Eggs
Hatching Capacity
80 Eggs
Egg Types:
Chicken, Quail, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Parrot, Pheasant
Approximate Chicks hatched per month
Item In Stock:

"Ideal Egg Incubator for Hobbyists and Small-Scale Breeders"

Do you want to incubate eggs on a small scale or like to start a business but only have limited start-up capital? If so, then this is the ideal egg incubator for you!

The Surehatch Model SH80 is a combination (Combo) setter and hatcher. It is the ideal incubator for someone looking to incubate smaller numbers of eggs. It is perfect for people incubating eggs in their back yard or on the farm. It is a very easy to operate incubator and is ideal for first-time users.

The Surehatch Model SH80 Combo Egg Incubator is the ideal egg incubator for breeders wanting to incubate chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, pheasant eggs, guinea fowl eggs and parrot eggs.

The Surehatch Model SH80 Combo Egg Incubator is a popular egg incubator for hobbyists and first-time users. It is a durable and user friendly incubator that will give you excellent incubation results.

Special Features: Surehatch Model SH80 Combo Egg Incubator

Ac-Q-Temp™ Electronic Thermostat
Accurate temperature control ensures excellent hatch rates

Semi-Automatic Egg Turning Facility
Turn Eggs by simply shifting a tray by hand - takes less than a minu

Opti-Flow™ Air Circulation System
Equal distribution of air inside the incubator ensures great hatch rates!

Soft-Glo Incubator Heating System
Heat is provided by Soft-Gloheating globes. The globes provide a gentle heat which prevents the eggs from getting unevenly heated.

Tru-Temp™ Thermometer and Hygrometer
Very accurate temperature and humidity readings can be taken which lead to great results

Clear-View™ Observation Windows
Watch your chicks hatch from outside the incubator!

Box made of Industrial Grade Polystyrene
Great insulation properties low power use

Surehatch Incubators are 100% washable Inside
Easy to keep your incubator clean and hygienic leading to better hatch rates

2 Year Warrantee on all our incubators
Buy with confidence and peace of mind. We will replace any broken parts

Easy to follow Incubation Instructions
Even if you're a beginner you will get great hatching success!

No experience or special skills are required - ANYONE can do it!

Dimensions: 35 cm High x 60 cm Deep x 60 cm Wide
Weight: 5 Kg
Power Use age: 220V Single Phase, 80 Watts

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