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"Ideal Incubator Set-Up for a Start-Up Hatchery!"

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Above: SH 7200 Egg Incubator Set-Up

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Surehatch SH 7200 Hatchery Set-Up

Max no. of chicks hatched Per Month:
7200 Chicks per month

Potential Income Generated Per Month:

Make R 58 000.00 per month!

Egg Types:

Chicken, Quail, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Parrot, Pheasant

Item In Stock:


Sold and Exported to:

All African Countries


Ideal Egg Incubator Set-Up for a Start-Up Hatchery

The SH 7200 is the ideal egg incubator set-up for someone wanting to start a medium scale hatchery. This unique combination of 2 x Setters and 1 x hatcher will enable you to succcessfully start your own business with minimal capital and receive a high return on your investment. You can produce up to 7200 chicks per month on a continuos basis. Click here for the complete explanation on the loading and hatching procedure.

In order to hatch approximately 7200 chicks per month, you will need to purchase 2 x Setter Egg Incubators and 1 x Hatcher

With the SH7200 Egg Incubator set-up you will be able to reach break-even point after as little as 6 months of operating the incubators. This means that you will be able to get a 100% Return on Your Invetment in as little as 6 months - that equals a 200% ROI Per Year! No other investment will give you such high returns!

There are various benefits associated with using our SH 7200 egg incubator set-up in place of traditional hatchery set-ups. These include amonst others:

Low Capital Input
High Return on Investment
Low Risk
No Experience Needed
Very Little Space Required
No Installation Needed
Easy to Operate
Low Power Consumption
No Special Structure Needed
Easy to Expand

Surehatch Incubators are made of the best possible materials to ensure peak performance and excellent hatch rates. Our team of expert advisors will give you all the necesary guidance and advice to make a success of your hatchery.

Owning your own hathcery is a highly profitable business and your capital requirement is very small. No specialized knowledge is needed as we will provide all the necessary training and info in order to have you successfully run your own hatchery business. Surehatch has partnered with various organizations who aim to develop entrepreneurship and establish small scale hatcheries across Africa. We have been highly successful in assisting entrepreneurs in setting up small scale hatcheries across Africa.

Starting your own hatchery is a very profitable business and due to the high demand for chicken meat there will always be a demand for your produce. Surehatch can also supply you with all the equipment additional to the incubators to start your own hatchery. We have the best equipment available on the market and have the best prices on poultry equipment.

Special Features: Surehatch SH 7200 Hatchery Set-up

Ac-Q-Temp™ Temperature Controls
Ova-Easy™ Fully-Automatic Egg Turning System
Opti-Flow™ Air Circulation System
Maxi-Heat™ Incubator Heating System
Tru-Temp™ Temperature readings
Clear-View™ Observation Windows
Intelli-Design™ Incubator Construction
Easy to Keep it clean - Surehatch Incubators are Washable Inside
Buy with Confidence - The Surehatch 5 Year Guarantee

Ac-Q-Temp™ Electronic Thermostat
The Ac-Q-Temp™ Electronic Thermostat ensures extremely accurate incubation temperature control for the best possible incubation success rate. These thermostats provide the most accurate incubation temperature control on the market. The Ac-Q-Temp® Electronic Thermostat is accurate to 0.1 degree Celsius, making it the best electronic thermostat to use in egg incubators. Accurate incubation temperature control leads to better hatch rates and a higher return on your investment. Expect up to 100% hatch rates in a Surehatch Egg Incubator.

Ova-Easy™ Fully-Automatic Egg Turning System
Surehatch uses one of the most reliable and effective egg turning systems available in the industry. Eggs are turned fully automatically via the Ova-Easy™ Egg Turning System incorporating Swiss Made Siemens® turner motors. Eggs need NOT to be turned by hand as the incubator will do so automatically. Egg rotation can be set to different time intervals by the breeder. Other manufacturers of egg incubators use cheaper “roller” systems which are ineffective and inferior to the Surehatch Ova-Easy® Egg Turning System. Proper turning of eggs are crucial to the chicks development inside the egg. Incorrect egg turning will lead to bad hatch rates.

Opti-Flow™ Air Circulation System
Surehatch designed the Opti-Flow™ Air Circulation System which ensures that air is circulated evenly in the incubator. This unique design ensures that there is an optimum airflow over the eggs inside incubator and that all the eggs are heated evenly. This system prevents uneven heating of the eggs or so-called “hot-spots”. The even distribution of air also ensures that most eggs hatch at the same time.

Maxi-Heat™ Incubator Heating System
Heat is provided by the Maxi-Heat™ Heating System which incorporates industrial specification heating elements with energy saving properties. This ensures a longer lifetime and better energy efficiency.

Tru-Temp™ Thermometer
Surehatch incuabtors feature Tru-Temp™ thermometers which constantly monitors the incubation temperature inside the incubator. The reading can be taken from the outside of the incubator without having to open the egg incubator. Adjustments to the temperature can be made effortlessly from the outside of the incubator.

Clear-View™ Observation Windows
Observe how the eggs hatch inside the incubator. Observation windows will not steam up and will remain clear throughout the incubation process using Clear-View™ technology.

Intelli-Design™ Incubator Construction
Surehatch Incubators incorporate Intelli-Design™ construction principles. Our incubators are made from First Grade Industrial, Water-Proof Plywood. The incubators are also coated with a non-toxic lead-free varnish on the outside and a latex coating on the inside. The Surehatch Intelli-Design™ Incubator Construction leads to better insulation and heat retention inside the incubator which leads to better incubation results

Easy to clean - Surehatch Incubators are Washable Inside
Surehatch Incubators are easy to disinfect and clean – Incubators can even be rinsed out with water. This ensures that the incubator remains hygienic thereby achieving better incubation results. Unlike other incubators on the market, Surehatch Incubators will not delaminate due to moisture and exposure to water.

Buy with Confidence - The Surehatch 5 Year Guarantee
All our incubators carry the Surehatch 5 Year Guarantee on all the spare parts of the incubator. Our incubators are built to last and very seldom needs repairs done to them. Surehatch Incubators are built to last a lifetime.

SH 7200 Set-Up Dimensions and Weight:

2 x SH1800 Setters: 130 cm High x 80 cm Deep x 110 cm Wide, 150 KG each

1 x Model 1800 Hatchers: 130 cm High x 80 cm Deep x 110cm wide, 150 Kg each

Power Useage: 220V Single Phase, 1000 Watts per unit

Housing of Incubators: Incubators require a well ventilated room. Room temperature must be between 15 and 25 degrees celcius.

Total Floorspace required for housing of incubators: 15 Square Meters



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